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KATSys™ DMS (Distribution Management System) that let you experience significant transformation towards digitalization


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Award-Winning End-To-End Distribution System

KATSys™ is a sophisticated enterprise grade end-to-end Distribution Management System that has been recognized as the best software in retail and supply chain management in the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Award in 2016.

With excellent track record, KATSys™ has proven its methodology and streamline processes, distribution support solutions, expertise and resources to assist industries within distribution businesses.

KATSys™ a single system solution incorporating Internet of Things (IoT), analytics dashboard (Big Data) and Blockchain-ready lead in championing real-time supply chain monitoring and optimizing business lead times, reduces redundancy, highly secure and ultimately a leaner supply chain.

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KATSys™ equipped with an innovative solutions that help business optimize distribution channels and maximize their profits. KATSys™ are designed to help businesses streamline their operations, improve their efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition


KATSys™ are based on cutting-edge technology & innovative features maximize your sales productivity that enable your business to manage your inventory, sales, order and deliveries  in a seamless & effective way.

With KATSys™ you can easily track your inventory levels, monitor sales performance, processing the orders and deliver products to the location effectively.


KATSys™ helps you automate and streamline many processes, such as order processing, invoicing & shipping. We help you to reduce errors, improve speed & accuracy.

With KATSys™ we help you streamline your operations, reduce your costs & improve overall efficiency


KATSys™ provides a range of powerful analytical & reporting features, which enabling you to gather valuable insights about your distribution channels, sales performance, purchasing behavior and more.

With KATSys™ you can analyze your data, identify areas for improvement & make informed decisions on how to optimize your operations


KATSys™ allows you easily track your inventory levels, monitor your sales performance, and keep an eye on your order and delivery status in real-time.

KATSys™ helps you stay on top of your distribution channels and ensure that you are meeting your customers’ needs in a timely and efficient way.


KATSys™ are designed to be flexible and customizable, enabling your business to tailor your specific needs and requirements.

Whether you’re a small business or large corporation, our KATSys™ DMS can be customized to meet your uniques needs and help you achieve your business goals,


KATSys™ helps you by having access to real-time inventory data and automated order processing, distribution businesses can offer better customer service, such as faster order fulfillment, more accurate delivery estimates, and easier returns

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KATSys™ |  Industry Vertical Use Case

If you runs a wholesale distribution business with multiple distributors to manage; KATSys™ DMS can manage your distributors and sales force. We focus on B2B distribution for physical and virtual products alike.

Specially design for mobile prepaid distribution, KATSys™ DMS helps you to distribute both physical and virtual products. Use it to acquire dealers, capturing sales order and deliver physical stock.

In FMCG, KATSys™ DMS helps you to manage your general trade, modern trade, mobile sales and merchandizing.

Focusing on mid-streams and down streams distribution, KATSys™ DMS helps O&G companies in distributing fuel from depot  to stations.

KATSys™ |  Distribution Intelligence

Distribution Channel Management

Distribution Channel Management which helps you simplifies the process of creating, managing and optimizing distribution channels to maximize your ROI.
Our distribution channel management platform helps you streamline the process quickly and easily so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

You can easily configure your channel structure to meet your business needs. Whether you’re managing multiple channels or simply need to adjust your distribution network, out our KATSys™ DMS give you the flexibility to make changes on the fly, ensuring you always have the right channels in place to meet your sales target!

Allowing you to create unique channel configuration that combine the best of direct and indirect sales channels. This approach ensure that you’re reaching your target customers through the most effective channels and that you’re maximizing your sales potential.

KATSys™ DMS  giving you the ability to create custom schemes and promotions that are tailored to your business needs. With our software, you can easily create and manage incentives, discounts, and other promotional offers, all of which are designed to drive sales and boost revenue.

Sales Force Automation

Introducing our innovative sales force automation system – the perfect solution for businesses that want to streamline their sales operations and boost their revenue potential.
Our software is designed to help sales teams work smarter, not harder, by automating many of the time-consuming tasks that are involved in the sales process

With our Sales Force Automation , you can easily optimize your sales team’s routes to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. Our software takes into account various factors such as location, customer demand, and traffic to ensure that your sales team is always taking the most efficient route to their destinations. This feature helps you save time and money, while also ensuring that your customers receive the best service possible.

Our Sales Force Automation designed to take your sales operations to the next level, with powerful guideline of 7steps sales call that can help your sales team build stronger relationship with your customers.

Our system offers optimum purchase order capabilities, enabling your sales team to create and process purchase orders on the go. Our software streamlines the purchase order process, allowing your sales team to quickly and easily create, approve, and submit orders, all from their mobile devices. This feature helps you speed up your sales process, reduce errors, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Our Sales Force Automation is designed to help your sales team work more efficiently than ever before. With its comprehensive automation features and powerful performance dashboard, it provides your sales team with real-time visibility into their sales performance, enabling them to track their progress and make data-driven decision that will help them achieve their sales goals.

Modern Trade

Our Modern Trade module is designed to help business stay ahead of the competition and achieve success in today’s fast-paced business environment. Our modern trade module includes a range of powerful features that enable businesses to streamline their operations, boost their sales and stay on top of the market trends.

One of the key features of our modern trade module is its outlet visitation capability. With our software, you can easily track your outlet visits, monitor your sales performance, and identify areas where you can improve your operations. This feature helps you stay on top of your distribution channels and ensure that you are maximizing your sales potential.

With our KATSys™ DMS you can easily analyze your competitors’ sales performance, pricing strategies, and marketing campaigns. This feature helps you stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Our modern trade module also includes a powerful market survey feature, enabling you to gather valuable insights about your target market, including their preferences, behaviors, and needs. This feature helps you tailor your products and services to meet the specific needs of your customers and stay ahead of the curve.

KATSys™ modern trade module also includes a product pricing features that enables you to set the right prices for your product and services. This features help you stay competitive and maximize profits.

Our modern trade module includes a dealer acquisition feature that enables you to find new dealers and expand your distribution channels. With our software, you can easily identify potential dealers, analyze their performance, and make informed decisions about who to partner up.


KATSys™ Merchandizing module is designed to help your business streamline their merchandizing operations and improve their in-store performance. We includes a range of powerful features that enable businesses to manage their merchandise allocation, distribution, maintenance and shelving. With our KATSys™ DMS you can easily allocate your merchandise to the right stores, distribute them efficiently, maintain their quality and ensure they are displayed in the right way on shelves.

With our KATSys™ DMS, you can easily allocate your merchandise to the right stores based on their performance, location, and other factors. This feature helps you optimize your merchandise distribution and ensure that your products are available in the right places at the right time.

You now can easily distribute your merchandise to your stores, warehouses, and other locations. This feature helps you streamline your distribution operations and ensure that your merchandise is delivered on time and in the right quantity.

Our merchandising module also includes a powerful maintenance feature, enabling you to maintain the quality and integrity of your merchandise. With our software, you can easily track your merchandise, monitor its condition, and take action when necessary to ensure that it meets your quality standards.

Our KATSys™ DMS Merchandizing modules includes a shelving feature that enables you to optimize the way your products are displayed on the shelves. With our software, you can easily analyze your store layouts, identify areas where improvements can be made, and take action to ensure that your products are displayed in the most effective way possible.

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