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Future-Proof Your Distribution

It was a lot of hard work and learning on the go in the physical distribution of mobile prepaid cards. In the early 2000s, it was an emerging and innovative mobile service that was rapidly expanding on a global scale. KAT’s small team had to comb on foot street-by-street to register dealers as prepaid touchpoints. In the ensuing years, the entrepreneurial drive of our founder and a desire to ride the growth wave of prepaid service gradually led to the development of systematic daily activities, new operating procedures, cash, and stock management check and balance, and a basic in-house developed computerized order management and distribution system to handle the ever-increasing transaction volume. By 2014-15, the distribution complexity had increased tremendously as a result of territorial expansion awarded to KAT by our principals.

Today, KATSys™ is a comprehensive distribution management system loaded with tracking, handling, reporting, and data mining features particularly suitable for businesses involved in fast-moving items in ultra-high volume. KATSys™ is equally adept to handle more ordinary goods and in more ordinary volume. KATSys™ is an embodiment of the desire to be the best, where innovation is culture, where failure is not an option, where visibility and control of operations are ingredients for success, and where maximizing business profitability is transmitted like a heartbeat that runs all along the supply chain. It is all about efficiency, effectiveness, measurability, and accuracy of the daily distribution operations.


We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.

With the mission of being the preferred solutions partner regionally by 2025 and globally by 2030, we carry the mandate to provide total visibility, transparency and security across the supply chain through digital solutions for all our clients.

Our Vision

Helping business grow by increasing distribution efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Mission

To provide total visibility, transparency and security across the supply chain through digital solutions.

Why we exist

Distribution has traditionally been about physical operations and manual processes. That was, after all, how we started more than two decades ago. Over the years, we had undergone a transformation of our own operations through self-learning, adapting, phased introduction of technology, and lots of motivation to expand our operations and geographical territories.

The result was a wholesome digitalization of our distribution operations that have been the cornerstone of our successes. And we would like to share our very own experience with you so that you get to transform your business into highly digitalized distribution operations. You get to write your own success story.


Benefits To Our Client

It has been proven to increase sales performance by up to 20% and overall business performance by up to 30%.

Have the right branch locations, the right branch sizes, and the right branch zonings.

It also has also been prove to significantly reduce stock loss due to leakages and pilferages by up to 95%.

Have real-time and suggestive analytics to with a click of a button

It has been proven to increase overall business performance by up to 30%

Ensure all your stocks are accounted and paid for in the same-day


We provide the best value to our customers through continuous improvement of your end-to-end processes and visibility of cost elements at each stage of the process.