Inventory Management: Everything You Should Know

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Inventory Management: Everything You Should Know

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inventory management

Inventory management is critical to a business’s success since it ensures that there is never too much or too little goods on hand, reducing the danger of stockouts and erroneous records.

Curious to know what inventory management is all about?

Read on to find out everything you should know about inventory management!

Definition of Inventory Management

what is the definition of inventory management

You must be wondering what inventory management is, right?

Well, inventory management aids businesses in determining which goods to order and when to order it. It keeps track of merchandise from purchase to sale. 

The practise monitors and reacts to trends to guarantee that there is always enough stock to satisfy client orders and that shortages are detected early.

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Inventory Management Terms You Should Know

inventory terms

Formulas and analysis are used in several inventory management strategies to plan stock while others would rely on standard operating procedures. 

All of the strategies are designed to increase accuracy. Below are 7 inventory management terms that you should know:

1. Safety Stock

If safety stock is emphasised in your inventory management, you will find that you will always have extra stock on hand, in case the company cannot refill certain items.

2. Minimum Order Quantity

To keep costs low, a company that relies on minimum order quantities will order small amounts of inventory from wholesalers with each of their purchases.

3. Lean Manufacturing

This methodology focuses on removing waste or any item from the manufacturing system that does not bring value to the client.

4. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is when the supplier ships items directly from its warehouse to the client.

5. Bulk Shipments

Unpacked supplies that suppliers load straight into ships or trucks are taken into account within this procedure. 

It entails purchasing, storing, and delivering inventory in large quantities.

6. FIFO and LIFO

The term “first in, first out” (FIFO) refers to the practise of moving the oldest stock first. 

Since prices always escalate, “last in, first out” (LIFO) implies that the recent purchased goods are the most costly and thus sold first.

7. Reorder Point Formula

This method is used by businesses to determine the minimum quantity of stock they should have before restocking and then organize their inventory accordingly.

The Importance of Inventory Management

Now that you know several terms associated with inventory management, we’re pretty sure you would want to know what are some of its importance, right?

We have listed 5 benefits you can check out down below:

  • Utilize Warehouse Space Better 

It will always be tough to manage your inventory successfully if your warehouse is disorganised. 

Several businesses choose to improve their warehouses by grouping higher-selling products in conveniently accessible sections within the warehouse. 

This procedure helps to expedite order fulfilment while also ensuring client satisfaction.

  • Enhance Product Quality 

Inventory management and control can help improve corporate efficiency and product quality significantly. 

It is undeniable that having an effective inventory management system leads to greater success and returning customers. 

If you want clients to keep coming back, you must improve the quality of your products in every manner imaginable.

  • Makes Cost Accounting Activities Easier 

To improve a company’s cash flow, it’s required that you invest in a practical inventory system that is powerful enough to satisfy your needs as well as appropriate for your industry.

Better inventory management and control can help your company construct a cost-benefit analysis in light of current financial market conditions.

Companies can then achieve greater commercial and organisational success with stronger cash flow. 

  • Improve Service Level

It’s not rocket science: always enhance your service quality so that you can quickly respond to customers’ demands.

Inventory management helps fulfil such demands by allowing you to give proper levels of hands-on service as soon as your clients need it with the desired lead time.

That way, your loyal customers will keep coming back to buy your products and services.

  • Paves for Competitive Ability 

In establishing a business’s competitive strength, elements such as commonalities with values, high factor loadings values, and substantial mean values are taken into account. 

These reasons unquestionably highlight the necessity of inventory management and control, which increases market share and competitiveness.

What do you think? Inventory management is really something that you should know about in order to benefit from its importance.

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