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09 Aug
Supply Chain Management Systems: How Manufacturing Transportation & Distribution Software Works
Category: Uncategorized
Despite playing a crucial role in the daily operations of many firms, distribution is nevertheless notably resistant to change. While the retail and e-Commerce industries continue ...
27 Jun
instensive distribution
Intensive Distribution: Important Details To Know
Category: Uncategorized
Intensive distribution is a form of marketing strategy under which a company tries to sell its products via multiple channels of distribution. This marketing strategy is used by ...
30 May
distribution system
Distribution System: Basic Info You Should Know
Category: Uncategorized
A distribution system can be defined as the flow of goods from a producer or supplier to an end consumer. The network is made up of storage facilities, warehouses and transportati...
25 Apr
supply chain
Supply Chain: Important Details You Should Know
Category: Business
What is the supply chain? And, how does it work? Supply chain management entails a number of critical tasks and processes...
23 Mar
order management system
Order Management System
Category: Business
Have you heard about order management? It is a system that links closely to our recent behaviour, which is online shopping...
03 Mar
distribution network
[IMPORTANT] Optimizing Your Distribution Network
Category: Business, Uncategorized
As a product owner or distributor, do you agree that you need to have an efficient distribution network to ensure successful placement and access to your products in a timely manne...
14 Feb
Malaysia Digital Economy Week in Expo Dubai 2020
Category: Uncategorized
MALAYSIA DIGITAL ECONOMY WEEK in DUBAI EXPO 2020   Kat Solutions Sdn Bhd was honoured to be part of the Malaysian Digital Economy Week in conjunction of the Expo Dubai 2020. The pr...
04 Feb
inventory management
Inventory Management: Everything You Should Know
Category: Business
Do you usually encounter stockout and inventory erroneous record? Let us explain the importance of inventory management and how it can help your business!
10 Jan
supply chain management
Supply Chain Management: Definition and 5 Principles You Should Know
Category: Business
For those who are in charge of a company or are just starting to learn about a business, it is important to know what supply chain management is due to its importance. This is a ke...