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Order Management System

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order management system

Have you heard about order management? It is a system that links closely to our recent behaviour, which is online shopping.

Online shopping is no longer an alien word in our society. People keep tapping on their screen while scrolling over the options they have on the shopping platform.

Without any hesitation, they make a purchase over the small device in their hands.

Now, all they have to do is sit back and wait for the item to be delivered in front of their house.

It’s convenient, right?

While all the pros credit the shopping platform, there might be an obstacle. For example, baffle payment methods, poor customer service, and many more.

Therefore, we will share about the order management system and its benefits to your business.

Order Management Definition

Order management can be defined as a process of managing, receiving and fulfilling customers’ orders.

Without doubt, it’s a crucial part in every operation of business as fulfilling orders requires many stages or processes before converting it to sales.

It’s necessary to optimize the above process or else, you will become a little overwhelmed by the volumes of order.

Order Management System

An order management system (OMS) provides you with a central location to see and handle all customer orders.

Basically, a method or computer software system for sales order entry and process which involve sales, inventory and order fulfillment.

In a nutshell, an order management system organizes and automates everything that must occur in order to deliver customers’ orders on time and in good shape as promised.

That means it can monitor a customer’s order all the way from the start of the purchasing button to delivery or even refunds.

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How Does It Benefit In Your Business

order management

Now let’s check out how an order management system could benefit your business.

  •  Improving order accuracy

Order accuracy means the number of orders that are filled and delivered to the customer’s doorsteps.

It’s risky and challenging when processing it manually without an efficient system like OMS.

Errors included ordering the wrong quantity and incorrect packing can happen at any time.

Successful process of each order required the company to keep up maximum order accuracy.

With OMS, it is automated. There is no need to track manually. All will be easily tracked and monitored from calculating cost to keeping customer’s information.

Easy peasy!

  •  Avoid stockouts

Keeping track of inventory is a difficult operation.

If not done correctly, may result in dissatisfied customers, agitated employees including a drop in revenues.

By linking your e-commerce channels, an integrated OMS will keep track of your stock levels.

This will ensure that each of your sales channels is constantly up to date and minimize the possibility of overselling.

  •  Streamline operations

An OMS streamlines the process of determining the fastest fulfillment method.

Resulting in better and quicker delivery and customer satisfaction.

Users get a detailed view of your warehouse, inventory, including courier from a single and convenient platform.

It is practical anywhere at any time with real-time updates on inventory, orders, and shipments.

  •  Lower inventory costs
lower inventory cost

Inventory is frequently the most expensive part of a product business.

It’s vital that you keep your stock costs as low as possible.

OMS helps you by providing an integrated view of what goods are moving where and removing them from inventory records in real time as sales are made.

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Characteristics Of An Organized Order Management

organized order management
  • Fulfillment efficiency

Evaluate the data and provide recommendations based on how and where clients want their orders transported, as well as delivery time and cost.

  • Visibility

To identify issues and devise more appropriate strategies, look at the entire supply chain and identify incidents.

Tailor order management systems to the business rules and performance goals of the firm.

  • Schedules for delivery and service

Allow for more efficient service requests by matching delivery commitments to inventories, resources and expertise.

  • Inventory that is updated in real time

Have a single view of inventory, including what’s in stock, in transit, and current demand levels, so you don’t have to rush shipments or keep excessive safety stock on hand.

  • Intelligence

Order management methods should be tuned to an organization’s business rules and performance goals.

Finally, an order management system undoubtedly helps to grow every business.

By providing valuable benefits that unify a company’s capacity, it will meet customer expectations and market demands while remaining cost-effective.

Wouldn’t it make perfect business sense for a growing company like yours to have an excellent order management system?

Are you looking for an order management system to help you with that?

KAT Solutions will provide total transparency and security across the supply chain through digital solutions for all clients.

Some of the many benefits that KAT Solutions provide for clients:

  • Reduce Stock Loss

It also has also been proven to significantly reduce stock loss due to leakages and pilferages by up to 95%.

  • Real-Time Intelligence

Have real-time and suggestive analytics with a click of a button.

  • Increase Sales Performance

It has been proven to increase sales performance by up to 20% and overall business performance by up to 30%.

  • Increase Business Efficiency

It has been proven to increase overall business performance by up to 30%.

The KAT Group of Companies is unmatched in ensuring the most efficient and effective distribution of the products of its principals in the designated markets.

KAT Solutions combines applications technology, strategic planning and the deep knowledge of business processes with the drive of a highly technical professional team.

So book your consultation now with KATSys!

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