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P2U is a user-friendly mobile app, that allows users to sell products including prepaid, postpaid, utility bills while earning a commission (as high as 7%!). Running a virtual business and earning additional income has never been easier.
P2U is a service provider which has the most complete list of service in Malaysia, covering all major brands and utility branches.

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The MORE you SELL, the MORE you GET!

It is also fully backed by KAT Technologies Sdn Bhd, whose prepaid business has been leading the market since 1999.

It is a Trusted, Safe and Reliable service platform, that allows our dealers to serve the market wherever, whenever.

You can sell a wide range of products including reloading prepaid, postpaid & utility bills.
Stay with us as there will be more products coming your way!

You can reduce physical product inventory & manage it via the app.

You can earn a commission of up to 7% by selling our products on our platforms. In addition, you can earn extra incentives and year-end bonuses.

You can monitor & manage transaction records via in-app reports for daily, monthly & yearly.