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Hybrid Channel

As flexible as your distribution needs, KATSys can be deploy in ‘Hybrid’ mode. You are free to determine how distributor, salesman, account manager, merchandizer, logistic acts in your channel to deliver supply to dealers.

Dealer Mobile App

Your stock tracking does not stop at distributor. KATSysTM POS is a dealer mobile app that manages stock sales at last-mile physical shop. 

Sales Force Automation

KATSysTM DESTINI mobile app can be deploy to your sales agent, supervisor, account manager and logistic partner depending on your distribution needs.  DESTINI is geo-location aware, has offline data capture capability.

Distribution Intelligence

Smart inventory management allows stock forecasting, demand-based allocation and suggestive selling. Using various geo-location data sets, system performs route optimization to improve last-mile reach, coverage and increase sell-through rate.

Trade Marketing

Apart from stock distribution, KATSysTM DMS manages your POSM distribution needs as well. From small items like leaflet, brochures, posters, t-shirts to bigger inventory like signage that requires maintenance.


With various IoT devices deployed across your distribution channel, KATSysTM DMS amasses great volume of data that can be transform into insights for automated response.