Supply Chain Management Systems: How Manufacturing Transportation & Distribution Software Works

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Supply Chain Management Systems: How Manufacturing Transportation & Distribution Software Works

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Despite playing a crucial role in the daily operations of many firms, distribution is nevertheless notably resistant to change. While the retail and e-Commerce industries continue to thrive despite constant disruption, 50% of trucks return empty, and warehouses are either overflowing or vacant. Warehouse and transportation operations will be able to improve customer experiences, give partners with greater value, and therefore build a productive ecosystem of supply chain providers, including manufacturers, carriers, freight forwarders, and others.

Automation and data use are the two main strategies for digitalization. This article explains how distribution management systems, sometimes known as DMSs, can provide value by automating procedures and utilizing data to guide decision-making.

What is a Distribution Management System?

The process of managing the flow of products from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler or retailer to final customer is known as distribution management. The administration of raw good vendors, packaging, warehousing, inventory, supply chain, logistics, and occasionally even block chain are just a few of the activities and procedures that are involved..

Businesses employ distribution management systems, a mix of software tools that optimize all operations from placing an order to delivering it to a customer’s door, to manage these activities in a digital environment.

Why Is Distribution Management Important?

Distribution management is primarily concerned with planning every step necessary to deliver items to the consumer on time and with the least amount of waste possible. Consequently, it directly affects earnings.

What Is a Distribution Network and What Are the Benefits?

A connected system of transportation and storage facilities is known as a distribution network. It is created in line with a distribution plan intended to convey products from manufacturers to wholesalers, retailers, or customers.

So let’s us discuss on how having efficient distribution management system helps organization; Distribution management not only increases profitability but also reduces waste in a variety of ways, from less spoilage to lower warehousing expenses since items and goods can be distributed as needed (“just in time” inventory) rather than stored in larger quantity (“just in case” inventory).

Factors That Influence Distribution Management

Numerous factors can affect distribution management as example;

1.       Unit perishability: If the item is perishable, it must be used quickly to avoid loss.

2.       Peaks and troughs in consumer spending patterns can affect distribution patterns, resulting in variable distribution demands that can be forecast.

3.       Client requirements, such as adjustments to the just-in-time inventory needs of a manufacturer or store.

4.       Forecasting the best product combinations based on the seasons, the weather, or other variables

5.       Truckload optimization uses fleet management and logistics technologies to make sure every vehicle is loaded to capacity and is driven along the most direct route.


katsys system

KATSys™ is a comprehensive distribution management system that includes tracking, handling, reporting, and data mining features. 

The perfect system for businesses that are involved in fast-moving items in ultra-high volume. 

The solution that KATSys™ offers is for all, including GLC/MNC, SME/Mid-Tier Company and even small enterprises too. 

It is no brainer that it is an award-winning solution. It excels in real-time Supply Chain monitoring and intelligent distribution. 

By utilizing it’s systems, KATSys™ DASH (Big Data) & KATSys™ TRACE (Blockchain-ready Supply Chain), companies are able to:

  • Streamlines processes that optimizes lead times
  • Reduces redundancy
  • Highly secure
  • Ultimately a leaner supply chain

These are the industry that KATSys™ can cater for: 

  • Oil & Gas
  • Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) 
  • Retail & Wholesale
  • Telecommunication
  • Blockchain
  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing 
  • Data Analytics
  • POS System
  • API

Basically, this system is built for every industry in every possible aspect. 

It is all about efficiency, effectiveness, measurability, and accuracy of the daily distribution operations. 

If you’re looking into these things, we are sure that KATSys™ have something valuable to offer!


katsys offer

KATSys™️ offers different tiers with its award-winning distribution management system that covers different sizes of the distribution value chain.

KATSYS™ is currently available for companies through its distribution management system that covers the entire distribution value chain. 

This distribution system offers endless possibilities by thinking outside of the box. 

Some of the results that this system can generate includes, revenue turnover 30 mil per year and creating a semi-automated business even if the company is less than 5 years and has less than 1000 employees. 

Another service that is available by KATSys™ offers is P2U.   

P2U is a service provider which has the most complete list of services in Malaysia, covering all major brands and utility branches. 

This app allows users to sell products including prepaid, postpaid, utility bills while earning a commission.

It is a trusted, safe and reliable service platform that allows our dealers to serve the market wherever, whenever.

Other than being user-friendly, there are many reasons why people are using these app such as: 

  • Available to sell a wide range and varieties of products.
  • Reduce physical product inventory and manage everything via app.
  • High commission rate. Plus, extra incentives and year-end bonus as well! 
  • You can monitor & manage transaction records via in-app reports for daily, monthly & yearly.

KATSys™ is a growing business and have more offerings coming. 

If you’re looking into these aspects in your business then give KATSys a go! 

Get in touch now to learn more about the services offered.

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